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First off in the future this website will no longer in use. We will be making a new website. We will post on Facebook all the information that is necessary for the race program until we get the new website up and going. 

I want to inform all vintage racers and Open class racers that there will be a 38' enclosed trailer and a high boy van full of vintage kart frames, motors, clutches, anything you can think off.. He has early mac motors all the way through the foreign motors.. New and used.. He will be there for the vintage races.. July 30-31, August 1st...He said he wants the trailer and van to be empty when he leaves.. You will be able to get some really good deals.. 
Thanks and I hope to see you there.. 

Since we are having such great turnouts..we feel its time to have practice groups...each group will be 6 minutes each..
First: Kidkarts/beginners classes
Second: Rookie/JR classes
Third: SR classes
Fourth: Oval

There will also be saftey will need to have a saftey tech sticker on kart before entering track..The sticker will be given out after being teched..

Remeber gates open at 3pm and practice starts at 4pm..we are really looking forward to night races..thanks everyone

Also, We are doing the 50/50 drawing every race this year to help for repairs.
If anyone is able to help with the repairs please let us know...Looking forward to seeing everyone..thanks

We are looking forward to the 2015 season. When the weather allows us too, we will begin track work. We updated the tabs on the left side so check each one out. Review track rules and track times/fees for the most changes.

Remember, It is mandatory to have a Full Width Rear Bumper for the road course.. It is not mandatory for the oval classes, but are highly recommended.

If you have any questions please give us a call at 217-440-6768 or email us at
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