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More News Coming in!!!! 

Stay Tuned to the website or Facebook the link is up top here. There are sever thunder storms slated for this weekend. We will let you know if there is a race on Sunday or not. Please stay tuned to find out as this weather starts to come in saturday night.

Thank you 
TNT Staff.

We want to welcome Pepsi Co for sponsoring the 2014 Season. Thank you Pepsi From TNT Kartways.

Okay here is the layout for this weeks open practice season. i hope all the tuners and pits dads and moms are taking notes. The practice will be in 2 hour intervals. Each interval will have slated classes IE- Kid Karts, Yamaha Rookies, Clone Rookies, 206 , Clone Jr , Tag 60 , Clone Sr. Now after each 2 hour interval there will be a track formation change. So from 9:00 to 11:00 -foward`s 11:00 to 1:00 backwards from 1:00 to 3:00 foward`s short from 3:00 to 5:00 backwards short. Track closed at 6:00 pm. This should be a well rounded day and all karters and pit crews will have some kind of idea on gearing and chassis adjustments. 

Thank you 
TNT Staff.

We are now just 2 weeks away from our open practice date april 6th, and just 3 weeks out from our first race of the season. ARE YOU READY !!!!! Well then lets kick start this season with a hellz yea.

We have 2 Class Sponsors on Board and more coming. Please Visit the TNT Kartway`s Class Sponsor tab to your left to view those`s Great Products and services. Thank you 

TNT Staff.

Please check the schedule tab for 2 rain dates just in case we may need them.

Thank you.

TNT Kartways will be hosting a booth in the Quincy Mall Show. If anyone is interested in having a kart in the Mall Show please contact Mike Polley for more information Email Thank you.

Briggs L206 Class looks to be a good class this year. There is talk in the TNT Kartways shop in making this a money class at the year end awards, just like the clone class. Stay tuned and find out just how much $$$it will be.

As soon as the track thaws and we have some good weather we will start track repairs. Please check back at this site or the facebook page for dates that the track maybe closed for repairs.

Thank you 
TNT Staff.

This year for the 2014 season, TNT will be allowing Full and Short Bumper. 

Thank you 

TNT Staff.

Also a little song here to get your blood pumping for the up coming season. Like the song say`s You got to get in it to win it. How true that is!!! So tell me all you karters out there!!! ARE YOU GONNA GET IN IT TO WIN IT!!!!

2014 Schedule is posted , we are looking to have a great racing season this year. Some things to pass along this year and let you the karters, As well as the family`s, know what to expect this year.

There will be some year end awards that will have cash payouts. Clone Sr is one of these classes as this will have a 500 payout to the season winners. Examples are 1st place season champ will receive a nice trophy and 250.00 in cash, 2nd trophy and 150.00, 3rd trophy and 100.00 etc.. For the Jr, Rookie & Kid kart classes we are still working on some deals and hope to have them finalized before we begin the season.

Another cool thing this year is we will be running different track configurations this year. See the Schedule tab to your left for more information. We also want to pass along some other things that we are doing at TNT this year.

We will be doing some track repairs in several locations on the track. you should see a vast improvement over last year. 

We will also be doing drawings for give away`s at each event. Here are just some of the things we are looking to do.

10 Case of Soda from - Pepsi - 1 case at each event.
10 Gift Cards from McDonalds - 1 card at each event.
10 Free Entry for next race - TNT Kartways - 1 at each event.
Some Gas Cards from Aryco
Some free Karting equipment, for example sproket`s, chain ...
Scotties Fun spot is on board this year as well, so they are doing some fun things this year.

There are some changes to the class structure page. Please visit and view those changes. Also we are going to have an open tire rule this year. MG, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Hoosiers. Whatever you want to run, But keep in mind this will still fall under the 5 inch rim rule for tire size sorry NO 6 inch rims.
Take a look at each tab and make sure you read up on things. Briggs L206 We will have your class structure posted soon.

We had this on our old website an thought we should bring it to this one. The Rules Tab. If you are not sure on any thing that is posted on there please call Terry at 217-228-2226 for more information.

Over the past years we have done our awards banquet after the 50 lap event. This year we are looking to have that done indoors a week after the last race of the season. We think this will be allot more enjoyable for the family`s. We have not picked a place yet but once we do it will be posted here and mentioned at the drivers meeting.

Vintage Karters Please be advised the schedule for the 2014 race is September the 11th, 12th & 13th. Please check the Vintage tab for more information.

There is more to come so stay tuned to the website for more information.

Thank you.

TNT Kartways.

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