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TNT Kartways has alot of left over inventory that needs to go. Karting Parts for 2 cycle and 4 cycle. I will be having someone inventory what we have and list it here. So please stay tuned!!!

We now have an inventory of Clone Parts. Gaskets, Pipes, Oil, Filters, Spark Plugs. We also have 1 Brand new engine built by Pulse Racing Engines. All of these Clone Parts can be purchased at the Track. please see Becky Mock or Mike Polley for more information and Prices.

Thank You

TNT Staff.

We Sent over some Parts and a few other things to the Track.  Here is a list of Items.

2 Pairs of Racing Gloves. All Diffrent kinds.

C-50 Parts Comer

4 - Foam Air intake
1 - Starter Hook
1 - Starter Coil
1 -58 Jet
1- Sets of Rings

1- New Noram Cheetah Clutch - with 15 tooth driver. Includes 12 tooth & 14 tooth
1 - Bag of large barry Cotter Pin Clips
1 - Bag of small barry
Cotter Pin Clips
3 -
4106 RLV WKA Briggs Silencer Muffler 1 5/16

Tie rod`s

6 - 9 1/2  inch length
5 - 9 inch length
1 - 9 3/4 inch length
1 - 8 inch length
1 - box of Motor Mount Butterflys - 10 count total.
2 - 5 Degree Motor Mounts

More to come as I get through more of it.

Kid Kart For Sale:  2008 Birel, ready to be raced!  Includes extra nose piece, chest protector, neck brace and some extra wheels.  $1350.00  Call (573)406-7972.

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