Extreme Sports Team

Track Times & Fee`s

Gate`s Open at  9:00 am on Sunday`s for race`s
Track is open for practice at 10:00am till 12:00pm. Drivers meeting will be right after practice and races will start after meeting..

Open Practice cost $20.00 per driver for all day. $5 per person in pit besides driver on practice days. For example, one driver and one pit crew would be $25.00. 

Please call 217-228-2226 or 217-440-6768 
To sign waivers and have the track opened

Race Day Fee`s

Drivers Fee -  $30.00 this includes the pit pass.
Addtional Pass are $10.00 per person in the pits.
You must have a pit pass on when on the Track or in the Hot Grid area.

Thank You

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