TNT Kartways Race on May 16, 2021

These kids look like they had a GREAT day at the race track at TNT Kartways in West Quincy, Missouri!

Pits, Candids, and Podiums

Racing Fun

Thank you Lori Biehl for photographing our race day event! We appreciate what you do for the sport!

Grand Prix

2021 Grand Prix of Karting in Quincy Illinois

  • In 2019 there were 350 entries
  • We have a safe track setup with no injuries in 2018 or 2019
  • The 2020 race last year was cancelled due to Covid-19
  • Al Unser Jr. will be the Grand Marshall this year
  • Practice and race both days June 5 and 6, 2021
  • Race before 20,000 spectators at the most beautiful and exciting track in the nation!
  • Total $10,000 in purse cash available over 4 classes
    • Pro FK100
      • Yamaha KT100
      • KA100
      • VLR100
    • Pro Briggs
    • Pro Shifter 125
    • Pro Shifter Open
  • Amateur Classes include:
    • Ignite
    • Ignite Heavy
    • Ignite Masters
    • Briggs Heavy
    • Briggs Medium
    • Briggs Masters
    • Vintage
  • Call Terry Traeder for any information at 217-242-3994.

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TNT Kartways Race on April 25, 2021

Everybody had a good time racing this weekend at TNT Kartways in West Quincy, MO. Your Google Maps will call this Taylor, Missouri. We just call it fun.

Lori Biehl photography captured candids, racing, and the podiums. Those are available for sale on her web site for very reasonable prices. Please support Lori’s business by purchasing any photos you intend to use.

Candids and Podiums

Racing Fun