Exciting Kart Racing Returned to TNT Kartways in Taylor, Missouri on Saturday


Kart Racing Teams from all over the Tri-States were back in action at TNT Kartways in Taylor, Missouri on Saturday.

In the main event, the 12-lap Ignite Masters-Sr. showdown, it was Quincy’s own Adam Klingele who captured the checkered flag.

Klingele has been racing since he was 8 years old.

There were nine different race classes in competition this weekend at the track. The age range of the drivers was pretty wide. Some of the younger drivers competing were just 5 years old, while the oldest driver was checked in 75.

Race teams from Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, and Indiana were in attendance.

Klingele and the rest of the drivers competing this weekend, are now hoping to capture enough points to earn a spot in the field for the season-ending “Gus Traeder Memorial Race” that’s scheduled to be run on October 4.

After he captured the checkered flag, Klingele stated that he tries to keep it simple when out on the track.

“The key to getting a win out here I guess is just staying consistent lap after lap. Just making sure you get into all the corners the same, lap after lap…after lap!”

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