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Curb work being done to South Park for 2022 Grand Prix of Karting

QUINCY (WGEM) – A new curb is being installed at South Park to keep you and karting drivers safer at next month’s event.

The Quincy Park District and Quincy Grand Prix collaborated to install a new curb near the start-finish line of the racecourse.

Grand Prix Safety Coordinator Jeff Miles and the racing family are putting the curb in with no cost to the Park District.

Safety is key when transforming the park each year.

“Anytime you go from converting a pedestrian automobile park into a race track we’re going to have to make some minor tweaks to safety over the years,” said Traeder’s TNT General Manager Jason Traeder. “So the curb going into the start-finish line is just this year’s project and going to make it safer for the drivers which is ultimately our main concern every year.”

Officials said future projects include moving a culvert near turn one where racers can become airborne.

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