TNT Kartways Race on May 16, 2021

These kids look like they had a GREAT day at the race track at TNT Kartways in West Quincy, Missouri!

Pits, Candids, and Podiums

Racing Fun

Thank you Lori Biehl for photographing our race day event! We appreciate what you do for the sport!

Grand Prix

2021 Grand Prix of Karting in Quincy Illinois

  • In 2019 there were 350 entries
  • We have a safe track setup with no injuries in 2018 or 2019
  • The 2020 race last year was cancelled due to Covid-19
  • Al Unser Jr. will be the Grand Marshall this year
  • Practice and race both days June 5 and 6, 2021
  • Race before 20,000 spectators at the most beautiful and exciting track in the nation!
  • Total $10,000 in purse cash available over 4 classes
    • Pro FK100
      • Yamaha KT100
      • KA100
      • VLR100
    • Pro Briggs
    • Pro Shifter 125
    • Pro Shifter Open
  • Amateur Classes include:
    • Ignite
    • Ignite Heavy
    • Ignite Masters
    • Briggs Heavy
    • Briggs Medium
    • Briggs Masters
    • Vintage
  • Call Terry Traeder for any information at 217-242-3994.

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TNT Kartways Race on April 25, 2021

Everybody had a good time racing this weekend at TNT Kartways in West Quincy, MO. Your Google Maps will call this Taylor, Missouri. We just call it fun.

Lori Biehl photography captured candids, racing, and the podiums. Those are available for sale on her web site for very reasonable prices. Please support Lori’s business by purchasing any photos you intend to use.

Candids and Podiums

Racing Fun

Grand Prix

Get your Grand Prix Entries Now

Get your entries now for the June 5th and 6th Grand Prix of Karting in beautiful South Park in Quincy, Illinois! Special Guest Al Unser Jr.

or, Print the Gus’ VIP Tent flyer and mail it with your check.

$10,000 purse up for grabs across 4 classes!

Meet and Greet special Guest Al Unser Jr. in Gus’ VIP Tent.

See for full details.

Grand Prix

Gus’ Tent Party Pack Tickets Available

Print the PDF below and mail with a check, or click one of the red buttons below the PDF to pay online right now.


TNT Kartways Race on March 21, 2021

It’s always a good day to race at TNT Kartways in West Quincy, Missouri. March 21, 2021 was no exception!

A special thank you to Lori Biehl photography for attending the event and offering photos for sale to you.

Morning Practice Photos

Pits, Candids & Feature Winners



Pits, Candids and Feature Winner Podium Photos from March 21, 2021

Many thanks to Lori Biehl photography for being at the race track and taking these shots. Amazing as always. Please support Lori’s business by purchasing a print or high resolution digital file!


2021 events added to schedule page

Follow the link below to our schedule page:

More details will be added as available, including gate times, registration times, fee details and more contact information!

Other Important Race Dates:

Announcements Events Grand Prix

See you at South Park June 5th and 6th, 2021

See you at South Park, June 5th & 6th, 2021. 😎 cc: Briggs 206 Racers Briggs & Stratton Racing USAC Karting Hoosier Kartsport See Quincy IL Traeder’s TNT Golf Car & Motorsports

Posted by Quincy Grand Prix on Saturday, January 23, 2021

The date has been set for the next Quincy Grand Prix of Karting in Quincy’s South Park! The event will be held in 2021 on June 5th and June 6th! Mark your calendars now to save the date…you DON’T want to miss this exciting weekend of action!

Image from 2019’s Quincy Grand Prix event, courtesy of Quincy Grand Prix Facebook page.
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TNT Celebrates 60 Years of Excellence

As businesses nationwide continue to close down due to the effects of COVID-19, a local Tri-State establishment is celebrating 60 years of business.

TNT Golf Car and Motorsports kicked off 2021 by celebrating 60-years of business.

But for Terry Traeder, one month of celebration just isn’t enough.

So, he’s celebrating the entire year.

“You think where in the heck did the time go? How did we get here?,” said Terry Traeder.

In 1961, Fern and “Gus” Traeder opened the doors to the Tri-State staple, TNT.

When “Gus” Traeder originally built the race track in 61′, in West Quincy, it left many people scratching their heads.

“At the time, carting was just starting. In 1958, it started in Southern California and it just started going crazy across the United States,” said Terry.

Terry describes his father “Gus” as a regular guy with a knack for promoting his business.

“He was just this guy that was just an amazing promoter and sales guy. He just brought in these big races and people from all over the world came to race in Quincy, Illinois,” said Terry.

And “Gus’s” work didn’t go unnoticed either.

In just a few years, TNT Trackways and Quincy were known as the carting capitol of the world.

“We had more big national races at TNT than any other track in the nation,” said Terry.

Gus fell in love with the inner workings of motorsports, so in 1964, he opened the TNT Golf Car and Motorsport facility.

“He started in 1964, taking on Harley Davidson Motorcycles. He had never ridden a motorcycle or knew anything about motorcycles,” said Terry.

Gus didn’t let his lack of insight about motorcycles stop him from pursuing his goals.

“He took on Honda in ’65 and Yamaha in ’66 and then became one of the top motorcycle dealerships in the Midwest,” said Terry.

Terry said it wasn’t always easy on his father. He battled constant flooding in West Quincy and he worked seven days a week, with less than ideal equipment.

But Terry said one thing always kept them afloat.

“Try to handle the best products that you can,” said Terry.

Gus told Terry from a young age that handling good business goes a long way and to always invest in good products and to do well by staff and customers.

“I know several times, when the motorcycle business was starting, some of the stuff wasn’t made that well,” said Terry.

Terry said his father’s dedication to excellence was second to none.

“I know several times that when the motorcycle business was first starting, the parts weren’t made that well. My dad would say, I’ll just take that one back from you, you can get a new one,” said Terry.

Terry said he could go on for days about his father because he was such a great man.

It was an honor for the family business to be passed down to him.